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"How to Make Money As a Speaker"

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"5 Deadly Sins of Public Speakers & How to Avoid Them"

This teaching from Nancy Matthews goes into detail on the ways to get paid for speaking, and the formula for pricing your programs.

Audio (mp3 download)  Value $35

Trish Carr shares the 5 deadly sins to save you from BLUNDER and WOW your audience with your professional yet authentic presentation style.

Audio (mp3 download) Value $35

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These Exclusive Inner Circle trainings are part of the Certified Speaker Profitizer Intensive where we pull back the curtain and share the behind the scenes FACTS and PROVEN systems for building your business, your brand and your bank account through speaking.


These breakthrough strategies coupled with our comprehensive course materials and experiential environment are proven to:

  • Open the floodgates to the clients and customers begging to do business with you
  • Have you be praised and admired for your ability to convey your message with heart and integrity
  • Have you recognized as the authority in your field ... the sought after, 'Go To' expert
  • Earn upwards of $10,000 to $50,000 per presentation

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Certified WPN Speakers Share Their Success...

Colleen McClenaghan“I now have a simple 'plug & play' formula that structures my entire presentation ... and I now have product ideas ... and the knowledge to implement it all."
~ Colleen McClenaghan,

Melissa Binkley“I now have a solid plan and it has made my speaking natural and fun.  I had been speaking before but never had the formula for putting a presentation together that inspired people to take action with my programs and services.  Now I consistently close 20% to 50% every time.”
~ Melissa Binkley,

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